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The BODM Line

Welcome to Bodmline Volleyball and bodmline.com!


Why do we need a “different” defense? What’s different about The Bodmline?

Conventional defenses (man-up, perimeter, rotate, counter-rotate, or something like rover or the russian which are combinations of two or more of them) as they are commonly taught leave you with a few inherent problems.

There is typically no guideline for a situation other than the high outside set. What about middle attacks, setter and other second ball attacks, back sets and slides? You (and every other coach out there) now have to fill in those gaps. You make it up as you go along.

The defense takes you to a spot (or assignment or area) and you now have to do something individually to play the ball. When you tell your players “that was your ball and you should have...” the only way they can process it is to remember “when THIS happens I do THAT.” This leads to literally dozens of possibilities a player needs to remember. Since “the defense” told them where to go on the court (your spot) and the majority of those possibilities involve going somewhere else to play the ball, if they don’t go play the ball we tell them “move your feet” and if they go to the wrong spot we say “hold your position” and on and on. Do you see the conflict?

The Bodmline is a defensive system that MATCHES the team defense to the individual defense.

No more conflicts.

The team defense creates the opportunity for the floor defenders to be successful. The floor defenders’ individual assignments create the team defense.

No more “was that MY ball?”

No more “what you should have done is...”

Your critique on the floor will no longer be only “what just happened”
but will apply the very next time the ball is in play.


What do you mean by “complete defense”?

Typical defenses show you spots on the floor. Let’s call this A.

Playing the ball is D

Where are B and C?

What ARE B and C?

B is the MOVEMENT to play the ball.

C is the management of that movement so your players work together and are not running into each other and interfering with one another. C is STRUCTURE.

If B and C are not clearly defined in your defense with no conflicts then you do not have a complete defense and will have to constantly fill in the gaps, after the play, with “what you should have done is...”
The Bodmline is A, B, C and D in one system.
What do you mean "conflict?"
In a defensive camp this year the players learning the middle back position were told  "you are to place yourselves between the ten foot line and the back line and between the sidelines. That's your spot, your responsibility. You don't leave it. You don't go anywhere but there."
One of the girls asked "so I'm middle back, right there, and the outside hitter hits a roll-shot to
the corner. Who's ball is that?"
"Well that's your ball."
That's a conflict. 


The Bodmline is NOT about the formation.

It is about training defense and getting to the formation that matches the situation.

It will LOOK like Perimeter. It will LOOK like Rotate. It will LOOK like Blue. All at the appropriate times.

If you run Perimeter and you see a Bodmline Team playing and it looks like they are running Perimeter, do NOT say “I teach that.” Yes the result of the Bodmline will look like the result you want to get but that does NOT mean you are teaching the same thing.


 The BODM Line is team defense for Volleyball.
It is not about pre-determined formations.
It is about creating the formation that defensively matches what the 
bad guys are doing on the other side of the net
every time they touch the ball.
The offensive possibility on the other side of the net
is different with every touch of the ball.
The BODM Line puts your players in the matching
defense with each touch. It creates movement, it creates anticipation,
and it creates and makes sense of reading for your players.
We all want to get to the same place with our defense. We want our
players to read, to move, to flow, to anticipate. Formations don't create or
encourage those elements, so those details are left to each coach and player
to basically come up with on their own. That means there are about as many 
ways to get to that defense we all want as there are players and coaches.
What great players do instinctively is quantifiable and repeatable.
The BODM Line gives you that defense. Gives you that movement.
Puts your players in the best positions to read the attacker and play the ball.
When the defense gives you these details you do not have to fill in the gaps. Your players
know "that was my ball" and will know what to do on the next play.
You will not have to make it up as you go along.

Where's the free stuff!?! I want the free stuff!!
You want it for free. Ok, I get that. Why don’t I give it to you for nothing?

The Bodmline is a system different from the conventional way of teaching team defense.

It’s a different way of seeing how team defense actually works.

Giving away little pieces of it would be like giving you one ingredient in a cake recipe. Yeah, it’s an important ingredient but without the context of the entire recipe it’s not all that useful. It would be a disservice to you and your players.

If you actually have to pay for it you are a lot more likely to invest
yourself into it and benefit from it.

So no, no free stuff here.

Get your copy of
Team Defense - The BODM Line

The most complete manual on team defense for volleyball available.
Cost is $39.95 plus $4.95 for shipping.

Try The BODM Line for $20.00 including shipping.

It contains a read-only pdf of the complete manual AND the supplemental animations.
I'll also give you a $10 credit toward a print copy.
BONUS! The Promo Copy CD now includes the animations
The Fundamentals of Reading Parts 1 and 2.
These animations show how I define reading,
how the defenders' reads work together on the court,
and how those reads create the fundamental defense
outlined in The Bodm Line.


Why the price difference? Why is the Manual $40 and the CD with the manual and the extras only $20?

It’s a matter of my time and production effort, as simple as that.  The pdf of the manual on the CD has all the same information as the printed hard copy. You can’t copy it or print it (if you have need to copy or print it let me know and we’ll work something out). All I have to do is burn the CD and send it out. When you order a hard copy of the manual I print it and bind it, then I package it and take it to the post office and mail it priority mail. So it costs me more in time and materials. A hard copy for $40 plus shipping also includes The Animation Project and there’s more immediately applicable and usable information there than you will get ANYWHERE for double or triple the price.
If it's so good, then why so cheap?
Because I know you are conditioned to pay a LOT of money for camps, clinics, books and videos. And how many times did you get back into your gym and realize that it was interesting information but you really couldn't use it?
So now you are afraid to spend more money and get more of the same old stuff. In different packaging with a different presentation, but the same old stuff.  I get that. Believe me, I get that.
The Bodmline is NOT the same old stuff.
You don't have to pay for a $500 - $1200 clinic to find out. 
And the most important - Accessibility
In offense, you are guided by the size and abilities of your
players. It certainly is easier to have a team of athletic 6 footers.
How times have you seen that team of athletic 6 footers and
realized they had little or no floor game?
"If we can just hang with them at the net, we'll outlast them with defense."
Defense is NOT dependent on that size and athleticism.
If you are 5'1 I can't teach you to be 6'4" and
left-handed. But I can teach you to play GREAT defense.
EVERYONE can have a great team defense. It does NOT
depend on how big you are or how much you're able to spend.
As a coach I have a RESPONSIBILITY to give my players success in their
floor game. NOT to yell at them because they missed a dig. NOT to
say "I've taught them everything but they just don't get it."
When I clinic college age and older teams the most common
comment I get from the players afterward is -
"This is so simple, makes so much sense,
and it works so well. Why didn't someone
teach me this when I was 14?"
Everything I taught them is in The Bodm Line and The Fundamentals of Reading.
Personally I want every player to know this stuff. I want every coach to see how
easy it really is to teach this stuff. I want coaches to be able to say "that team
beat us because they were a little bigger, a little faster, a little more
experienced than us" rather than "we just don't get it, we don't care, I've taught
them everything and they just gave up, you just can't teach them to
read, blah blah blah we better go home and watch this movie or
read that book or listen to that TED talk."
 Is this kinda pushy, kinda in-your-face, kinda offensive? Yes. On the defensive side of
the game, specifically the floor game, I'm tired hearing what our
players "just can't do." I've been doing this many years and have proven
over and over again what they CAN do, and how to get them there. I have
been polite and politically correct, but no more. Are you
listening? The gloves have come off, the gauntlet thrown.
How much are you willing to invest?


What’s the difference between The Manual and The Animation Project?

The Manual, Team Defense - The Bodm Line, came first. It’s context and reference points are from the team view of things, in other words what the team defense is telling the players to do. It speaks from the perspective of coaches who are used to two things: 1) Formation or spot defense, meaning “when THIS happens, go THERE ” as is typically described for Perimeter or Rotate or Man-Up and 2) Coaches who are hesitant to take on Reading. The Manual gets you to the Block Oriented Defense while keeping it in context to the defenses you are already familiar with.

The Animations Project is from the individual defense side of things. What your floor defenders do together creates the team defense. The animations The Fundamentals of Reading Parts 1 and 2 take you step by step to the Block Oriented Defense via what the individual defenders are doing. These are for coaches and players who are comfortable with and ready to create the defense from the reading side of things. The animations (over 75 of them) are also tools to show your players what they should be looking at and where they should look for it. Rather than put them on the court and wait for them to figure it out on their own, you can show them so they know what to look for when they step on the court.

The Team Defense puts the players in optimum position in relation to each other, in relation to what is happening on the other side of the net, and optimum position to react\respond to the attacker and play the ball. What the individual defenders are doing puts the players in optimum position in relation to each other, in relation to what is happening on the other side of the net, and optimum position to react\respond to the attacker and play the ball, gives them the structure and guidance to play the ball,  and creates the the team defense.

The Team Defense and Individual Defense work in concert. The Team Defense creates the Reading and the Reading creates the Team Defense. They are never in conflict.
Is there a learning curve? Yes! You need to learn some new stuff! Maybe a different way of looking at things. That's what great coaches do!

Or, keep reading...

Are you less than satisfied with your team defense? 

You know another “formation” isn’t enough but that’s all anyone talks about?

You’ve taught them rotate, the russian, man-up, and perimeter, and they still just “don’t get it”.

You’ve heard other coaches say things like “I need to recruit some defenders”

but you know there's got to be a different answer?

You’ve seen teams with kids who aren’t big stud athletes out-play and out-defend bigger, stronger teams and you want to know why?

You already KNOW that in order for ANY “formation defense” to work your players need to learn to READ but virtually none of the books even mention reading, let alone address how to teach it?

And you're looking for new answers; after all, that’s probably why you found this site in the first place, right?

What are the four things that MUST happen every time your opponents touch the ball?

Why do Rotate, Counter-Rotate, Perimeter, Man-Up and Man-Deep generally NOT work most of the time and what is the missing element we're waiting for our players to INSTINCTIVELY figure out before any or all of those defenses become truly effective?

Why are "You should have been there" and "That was your ball" two of the WORST things you can tell your player in the heat of battle?


Team Defense - The BODM Line

is a coaching manual dedicated entirely 

to Team Defense for Volleyball.

It is the only manual of it’s kind. It does not waste your time with formations (they aren’t enough) but goes directly to what creates the appropriate formation for the situation. It is appropriate and effective for all ages, abilities and competitive levels.

It covers what defense is, why it works the way it does, and how to teach it and run it.

It’s written so everyone can understand it and put it to use.

It is NOT about a formation or what spots to go to. It is about what has to happen in team defense and how to get there.

This website is your connection the system, the manual, and the coach that created it.

Try The BODM Line for $20.00 including shipping.

It contains a read-only pdf of the complete manual AND the supplemental animations.
I'll also give you a $10 credit toward a print copy.
BONUS! The Promo Copy CD now includes the animations
The Fundamentals of Reading Parts 1 and 2.
These animations show how I define reading,
how the defenders' reads work together on the court,
and how those reads create the fundamental defense
outlined in The Bodm Line.

The BODM Line
-is a defense-
-is a system of teaching defense-
and most important
-is a new way of thinking about defense- 


For a fast introduction to the 
philosophy behind all of this,
read The Interview and The Blog.
Click here for The Interview

From the newest blog:

"Do you run a program or a series of teams? Do you have standard set calls, a standard set of key words and phrases throughout your program?..." (click to read)


Get your copy of
Team Defense - The BODM Line

The most complete manual on team defense for volleyball available.
Cost is $39.95 plus $4.95 for shipping.


Did your search terms bring you here?

"Teaching Perimeter defense for Volleyball"

"Man Up defense in volleyball"

"Volleyball Rotate Defense"

"Defensive formations for volleyball"


The formation does not create the defense.
The defense creates the formation.

That formation should match what the 
bad guys on the other side of the net are doing. 

What they look for and where they look for it
is the definition of the defense.

What they look for and how they react to it
is what creates movement and a 
dynamic, flowing team defense.

The BODM Line is about 
"what creates the formation"
"what to do within in that formation"

All those different formations that we think of as "defenses" try to do the same thing: make someone responsible for the RIGHT side of the court; make someone responsible for the LEFT side of the court; make someone responsible for the MIDDLE of the court; and provide TIP COVERAGE. In that respect they are all the same. Where they differ is WHICH PLAYER is responsible for each assignment and WHEN THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. 

And NONE of them address what your players should be doing within that formation.

This leads to a situation where they think "when THIS happens I go THERE, when THAT happens I go HERE, but when something else happens, well, I don't know WHERE I go."

How many times do your players look at you and ask -
Was that MY ball?

The BODM Line is a system of team defense for volleyball. 

This web site is your connection to this system.

 I have been coaching for 30 years and have coached all kinds of players - all levels of club, high school, college, and adults including women's professionals.  I developed this system because I got tired of hearing "uh coach, was that my ball?", I got tired of telling my players things that weren't helpful to them, and most of all, I got tired of teaching my players things that just went against all instincts, my own and theirs!  This system has been so successful in my experience that I look forward to hearing from you so that you (and your players) can experience it as well!

The BODM Line is team defense for Volleyball.

Individual defense and team defense must work together. Too often they conflict. That makes it difficult for player and coach. 

Example: we tell our players they should be in place when they pass, but when the "in place to pass" doesn't work in the team scheme we tell them to "keep your feet moving".

Example: Coaches say over and over "our defense will come together when we learn to move together and read" but our default critique is "go to your spot" or "hold your position".

The BODM Line shows you how to eliminate those conflicts between
individual defense and team defense. 

The BODM Line creates an effective, reliable and repeatable team defense.



Just wanted to thank you for the BODM line manual.  I will be honest and say that the actual defensive content was not new to me.  However, and this is what I appreciate so much, the concept of how to teach this to an individual and a team is amazing.  I have struggled with how to teach defense effectively to teams for many years.  While I hate the idea of 'go to your spot on the floor' defense, I have fallen into teaching that out of an inability to express anything better clearly.  Your manual has finally given me the necessary tools to turn my players into true defensive players, instead of reactionary robots.

Thank You!!

L.A. (16's Club Coach)


Thank you for putting together information that makes sense in relation to volleyball defense and strategy. I came to the game later as a coach and never really played or had any coaching and what you have produced really appeals to my logical, reason-driven style of coaching.

We made it two the state finals the last two years and I'm fairly confident we can do it again this year, but it will be with a much more focused and fine-tuned defensive effort.

J.G. (High School Coach)

I have known Gary for 9 years and his instruction has proven invaluable to me as both a player and a coach. His system for defense is simply the best; I have never used another form of defense with my players. It's also great because it can work for any level of player. Gary explains and demonstrates concepts in a way that's easy to understand and easy to apply.

Kendra Palmer (club player, NCAA player, club coach)

Formations do NOT create a successful Team Defense.

Great Team Defense, like great Individual Defense,
is based on

what you look for and where you look for it

A successful Team Defense WILL create
the appropriate formation for the situation.

This site serves three purposes.

First, read about us. There are quotes from real people who use the system.

There are FAQs. There's an interview. You can contact us with questions.

Second, you can order the coaching manual "Team Defense - The BODM Line" online.

Third, we do camps and clinics. We'll teach your team, your coaches, or you.

Contact us for information.

The BODM Line is not a "defense" like perimeter, man-up or rotate are "defenses." The BODM Line considers those "defenses" as SITUATIONAL FORMATIONS that work WHEN THEY MATCH WHAT THE OPPOSITION IS DOING. If you don't know ahead of time what they will do HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHICH FORMATION TO USE?

The BODM Line Defensive System will create the correct formation
that MATCHES what the opposition is doing

The BODM Line is a system of getting to team defense, including what it is, why it is, how it works, how to teach it, and how it relates to all the other "defenses" out there.

Order your copy of  
Team Defense - The BODM Line 

It is not the same as the other systems you've tried. It gives structure and guidance where you've not seen it before. I go against convention, and I'm not particularly politically correct. The manual is structured more like a coaches' clinic, and I guarantee there is more useful, immediately applicable information in it than anywhere else.

Here are a few reasons you might want to check it out:

It's a system of understanding team defense: what has to happen every time
the ball may be attacked by the bad guys on the other side of the net.
In any situation, at any level of play.

It's a system of teaching team defense. Once you understand the basic concepts of the system, it shows you how to teach them and reinforce them.
In any situation, at any level of play.

It's a system of installing and running your team defense. Once you have the concepts you'll know how and why to make assignments. You'll know how to make adjustments and how to troubleshoot your defense.
In any situation, at any level of play.

It's a system of consistency for team defense. It is applicable to all players at all levels of play. Install it in your youngest team and as they grow the system will grow with them. They won't need to "unlearn" what they did last season before they can get on with this season. A player can move from team to team and will be able to immediately adapt even if the new coach is running a different "defense" than the old coach ran.
In any situation, at any level of play.

The level of play may limit the System,
But the System will never limit the level of play.
In any situation, at any level of play.

The BODM Line is also adaptable. Though I do have "my defense" it is not a requirement that you use it. You can use the Bodm Line's concepts to enhance your own defense. Beware, though, you may find out how complicated what you are asking your team to do really is.

Is that a challenge? Yup, it is.

Here then are some more facts about The BODM Line and some comments others have made. If you have questions that aren't covered here or on the FAQs page, please feel free to send them to me and I'll add them.

Get your copy of Team Defense - The BODM Line by clicking on one of the instant pay buttons or go to the order page for other options.


Try The BODM Line for $20.00 including shipping.

It contains a read-only pdf of the complete manual AND the supplemental animations.
I'll also give you a $10 credit toward a print copy.
BONUS! The Promo Copy CD now includes the animations
The Fundamentals of Reading Parts 1 and 2.
These animations show how I define reading, how the defenders' reads work together on the court,
and how those reads create the fundamental defense outlined in The Bodm Line.


The BODM Line is a complete SYSTEM of teaching and installing your team defense. It is applicable to all levels of players, from beginners to veterans.

"I've played for 12 years and after running your system I can see things happening on the other side of the net I've never been able to see before..." JG - womens' pro


The concepts used in this system are easy to understand, easy to teach, and easy to implement at any age or level of play.

Team defense need not be complicated or scary for your players. It's only as complicated as we make it. The best players do not complicate things. This system will make clear what those players do and how to apply it to your entire team.

"I didn't want to believe it was so easy, so logical, and so much fun. It just makes so much sense. I love it, and more important, my players love it!" RC- high school coach


Volleyball is a transient game where things seldom happen the same way twice. Instead of telling a player after the fact "you should have been there" The BODM Line shows you how to teach your players where "there" is
before it ever happens.

"I realized after three practices and one tournament the 14's weren't asking "was that my ball" anymore. They would look at the coach, tap themselves on the chest and say "that was mine" or "MY bad." To me that alone was worth the price of the clinic, let alone all the other information we got." WZ - club director


The BODM Line gives guidance, structure, repeatability, and consistency to team and individual defense.

"This is what I do when I'm playing well. I just didn't realize it. It was all on instinct. Now that I see it like this I can do it every time I'm on the court."
VR - womens' pro


The BODM Line shows you how to design your system based on your team's strengths and personnel needs.

"When I have a weaker player in the court I have simple adjustments to make with this system. I don't have to teach two or three other kids something new to make up for the weak one."
TB - 17's coach


Whether you choose to run the basic Block Oriented Defense, one of the four traditional defenses, or your own variation,
The BODM Line will show you the
three specific keys to run your defense

Once your defense is in place,
The BODM Line shows you how troubleshoot your defense in any situation, and how to make any adjustments necessary.

"I was to give a clinic on team defense to coaches in my area. My high school kids came to me and said "coach! You can't give away our defense!" That's MY endorsement of The BODM Line."
MB - high school and club coach


I want more info! Gimme the FAQS!!!

The BODM Line is a different, new, and complete approach to teaching, installing, and running your team defense.

"I struggled through 6 years of club and high school trying to understand team defense. You made it clear and easy in two hours. And it WORKS!" JE - college player


The four traditional defenses - rotate, counter-rotate, man-up and perimeter - and all the variations based on them - are all situational formations. When the situation doesn't match the formation we're trying to run, the defense doesn't match what the offense is doing. The BODM Line creates the correct formation to match the situation

- all the time, on the fly -

making your team dynamic and successful
at all levels.

"We weren't big, we didn't hit hard, but coaches at every tournament came up afterward and complimented us on our defense. They felt like
they had to work really hard to put
a ball down against us."
PP - 14's coach


Once in place, these concepts will
give you a new understanding of what the four "traditional" defenses are and when they work (and when they don't).


This is true of both individual AND team defense. In individual defense it gives each player the best opportunity to dig a ball. In team defense, it gets the individual into the right position in relation to her team; it defines and creates your defensive scheme.

The BODM Line shows you how to
teach the concepts to your team
efficiently and effectively.

"I would never have believed you could install a working, effective team defense in such a short time. Gary came in and did it in a three hour practice. We haven't made any real changes in it in two years. My only regret was waiting to the middle of the season to do it. It's the FIRST thing we do now." SB - high school/17's coach


The BODM Line is a coaching manual devoted entirely to team defense for volleyball. It has more 220 pages of information and more than 275 illustrations.

It outlines not only the "Block Oriented Defense," but how and why it works, how it relates to the traditional defenses out there, how to teach and install it, how to
troubleshoot it at all levels of play, how to fine-tune it, how to modify and customize it to your team's specific strengths, weaknesses, and needs, and how to understand what the bad guys on the other side of the net are doing so you can understand and exploit their weaknesses.

The BODM Line will make defense FUN
for you and for your players
at all levels and all abilities.

"We've been to some pretty high-powered coaching clinics. When Gary and Amber came in we got more immediately usable information that was applicable to all levels of our program than in any of those other clinics."
TE - high school coach

The Interview is a 25-minute talk with a local sports guy. It's an easy read and offers a little more insight...

click here for The Interview

Not interested?

Tell us why!

You don't believe it.

"There's no easier way".

"I don't need to learn something new".

"There isn't anything new".


This is a proven system -

Why aren't you interested...?

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